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LCD Display 2x16 Blauw Met Backlight

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LCD Display 2x16 Blauw met backlight.


Pin 1: VSS is the ground power supply

Pin 2: VDD connected to 5V supply

Pin 3: V0 LCD contrast adjustment for the end, connected to the positive power supply weakest contrast, when the power is grounded highest contrast

PIN 4 : RS for register selection, the selection of high data registers, low selection instruction register.

Pin 5: R / W for the write signal line high when a read operation, low for a write operation. When RS and RW can be written together for the low instruction or display the address, when RS is low RW is high busy signal can be read, when RS is high RW is low when data can be written.

Pin 6: E terminal is enabled client, when E Duanyou high jump becomes low, the LCD module executes the command.

pin 7 to 14 : D0 ~ D7 to eight bidirectional data line.

pin 15 : Backlight positive power supply, the power supply is 5V backlight

pin 16 : backlit negative power

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