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Koelpasta 100 gram

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Heat conductive silicone paste 100 Grams

It facilitates heat transfer between the electronic components
and radiator. It is necessary for correct operation of any type of
temperature sensors. It protects from weather conditions and
prevents from breakthrough. It is characterized by very good
chemical resistance for oxidation, water solutions of acids,
alkalis and salts, sulphur dioxide and ammonia. It has a very
wide range of work temperatures.

Density at. 20°C: 1,47 g/cm3
Flash point: 350°C
Freezing point: -50°C
Refraction coefficient: 1,405
Specific heat at 50°C: 0,243 Cal /g K
Overall heat-transfer coefficient at 0-50°C:0,88 W/m K,
Dielectric constant at 100 Hz: 4,7 (±0,1 )
Cross-through resistance: 5 x 1014 Ohm x cm
Loss tangent at f=100 Hz: 0,020 (±0,003),
Operating temperature range: -50~200°C