PCB Kit 150 Watt VHF Amplifier + Lowpass Filter

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Set gold plated circuit boards to build a 150 watt VHF amp  (65 - 150 MHz).

In this final stage, you can use the following mosfets: BLF177 / MRF151 / SD2931-10.

The bias is variable for SSB use.

Comes with component layout and schematic diagram for 87 to 108 MHZ.

We will also soon offer a complete kit including all components at a very competitive price!


Input Power: + / - 4 Watt

Output Power: 150 Watt

Voltage: 48 Volt

Current: +/- 4 Amperé

Input VSWR: <1:1.5


Amplifier: 100mm x 50mm

Filter: 100mm x 50mm

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