RG086 35 Ohm Teflon Coax



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RG086 35 Ohm coax (prijs is per meter)

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*Inner Conductor Silver-plated Copper ;Silver-plated Copper Clad Steel 0.90mm

*Dielectric Core Polytetrafluoroethylene(PTFE) 1.68mm

*Outer Conductor Tin Overcoated Copper Wire Braiding 2.17mm

*Electrical Data Impedance,nominal 35ohms

*Velocity of Propagation,nominal 70%

*Signal delay,nominal 4.7ns/m

*Capacitance,nominal 195pF/m

*Insulation resistance,nominal 1500MΩ·km

*Voltage withstand(AC) 1500V rms/min

*Mechanical Data Temperature rating) -65~150℃

*Minimum bending radius (for bending once) 6mm

*Maximum tensile strength 4.3kg

*Weight of cable 20g/m