Stannol soldeertin 0,7mm

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Kristall 505, Sn 60 Pb 40 (leaded) 

  • Halogenated activation (REM1)

This no-clean Kristall solder wire is the perfect addition for manual soldering fluxes for no-clean wave soldering and reflow processes. It can also be used during repair work after cleaning has been performed, eliminating the need for further cleaning.
Kristall solder wire lets you quickly solder on copper and brass, as well as on pre-tinned surfaces. 

  • Five flux cores for optimal wetting
  • Fast soldering (multiple activity levels for all applications)
  • Good spread (on copper, brass and nickel)
  • Transparent residues
  • Thermal stability (minimal spattering)
  • Mild odour
  • The 600-series contains micro-alloyed additives to increase the service life of soldering tips
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