FUSE slow 5X20 10 PIECES bag

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Bag with 10 glass fuses, suitable for a maximum of 250 volts.

Always replace a fuse with the same type with the same value.

On a fuse the value is on one of the metal caps.
A number with an A behind it is the maximum current, for example 6.3A is 6.3 Ampere.
The number 250 stands for a maximum of 250 volts.
The letter F stands for fast (Fast or Flink)
The Letter S or T stands for slow (Slow or Slow)

Fast fuses are used to protect electronic circuits.
Slow fuses for circuits that have a switch-on peak such as transformers / coils, power supplies with elco`s, light bulbs etc.

Type: slow
Dimensions: 5 x 20 mm
Packaging: per 10 in bag
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