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The MRF6VP11KHR6 is designed primarily for pulsed wideband applications with frequencies up to 150 MHz. Device is unmatched and is suitable for use in industrial, medical and scientific applications.


* Typical Pulsed Performance at 130 MHz: VDD = 50 Volts, IDQ = 150 mA, Pout = 1000 Watts Peak (200 W Avg.), Pulse Width = 100 µsec, Duty Cycle = 20%

Power Gain: 26 dB
Drain Efficiency: 71%

* Capable of Handling 10:1 VSWR, @ 50 Vdc, 130 MHz, 1000 Watts Peak Power
* Characterized with Series Equivalent Large-Signal Impedance Parameters
* CW Operation Capability with Adequate Cooling
* Qualified Up to a Maximum of 50 VDD Operation
* Integrated ESD Protection
* Designed for Push-Pull Operation
* Greater Negative Gate-Source Voltage Range for Improved Class C Operation
* RoHS Compliant
* In Tape and Reel. R6 Suffix = 150 Units per 56 mm, 13 inch Reel 

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