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BH1415F Wireless Audio Link IC


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BH1415F The BH1415F is a FM stereo transmitter IC that transmits simple configuration.

The IC consists of a stereo modulator for generating stereo composite signals and a FM transmitter for broadcasting a FM signal on the air.

The stereo modulator generates a composite signal which consists of the MAIN, SUB, and pilot signal from a 38kHz oscillator.

The FM transmitter radiates FM wave on the air by modulating the carrier signal with a composite signal.


CD changer, Car TV, Car navigation, Wireless speakers, Personal computer (sound board), Game machine


It is possible to improve the timbre because it has the pre-emphasis circuit

, limiter circuit, and the low-pass filter circuit.

Built-in pilot-tone system FM stereo modulator circuit.

The transmission frequency is stable because it has a PLL system FM transmitter.

PLL data input (CE, CK, DA) by serial input.

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